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For most people their home represents the single largest investment of their lives. Whether this is your first home, or a commercial investment property, at Hawbecker & Garver, LLC, we take that very seriously. Click the link below to learn more about the real estate purchase and sales process by reading our extensive FAQ's and viewing our free Seminars.


Regardless of your financial status, income or family situation, estate planning is essential.  Having an estate plan will help your loved ones deal with their loss and not burden them with administrative details.  Click on the link below to view case studies illustrating estate planning solutions, or click on the Free Consult button above to schedule a free estate planning consultation.


Our firm represents individuals that have been injured by the negligence and recklessness of another. Personal Injury not only causes physical pain and suffering but can cause emotional and financial distress through missed work, difficulty in meeting financial responsibilities and increased stress. We are committed to helping our personal injury clients obtain full and fair compensation for their losses.